Custom Pet Portraits iPhone Case

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Why us?

- Unique style with superior detail illustrations that you won't find anywhere else.
- Fast processing, no need to wait for weeks or months.
- Vivid color print (we are one of the few shops to offer professional UV printing)
- Made of premium lightweight hard plastic Polycarbonate (PC) material (not bulky or soft like other cases).
- Fade-resistant, doesn't fade like sublimation cases, and it won't peel off.
- Unlike our competitors, we do not use quick software filters. 100% hand-drawn digitally by an artist.
- Free revisions, no additional cost to make it perfect, but each request will delay the processing time.
- Secure payment.

What makes a good photo?

- Good natural lighting. Minimal to no filter on to ensure we capture the correct color of your pet.
- Close up, eye-level showing neck. See good examples in the slider above.
- Avoid overhead, blurry, or overly filtered photos for the best result.
- Sometimes it's not possible to capture a great picture and that's ok, we can use what you have.

Shipping Info

- Shipped from the USA, Europe, and the UK.
- Worldwide fulfillment centers. So that your order reaches you quickly.
- Orders ship in just 1-3 business days after design approval.
- Shipping time depends on the country. A tracking code is provided.