Image Guidelines

A good portrait starts with a good reference photo. Please review these guidelines below to help you choose the best photo for your portrait.

Please note, we replicate the exact photo that you will provide. So, make sure that the angle works well with your pet portrait, that the fur colour is true to real life, and that you are overall happy with the photo you upload.

It is very important that you read the below guidelines carefully:


  • Choose a photo taken under natural daylight or a well-lit room (so that we can get the fur colour correct)
  • Ensure your pet's entire face and neck is in frame
  • Photo taken at an eye-level
  • For multi pet portrait, please ensure all photos are similar for best result


  • Angle taken from above (not at eye-level)
  • Ears and neck are out of frame
  • Poor lighting - backlit or harsh shadows
  • Pet is laying down
  • Black and white photo

We understand that it may not always be possible to source an optimal image (e.g. surprise gift, pet memorial), feel free to email through the options you have on hand and we'll do our best to give suggestions and make it work.

Please note that e
ach illustration will be based on the supplied photo, any change of mind to resupply a different photo will incur a rework fee.